Women are smarter than men…REALLY!!!

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women college

What are you trying to say Kenneth, that the average woman is smarter than the average man?”  she asked

“In a certain context…..yes!” I replied

~ When it comes to the percentage of women that are in college and graduate college with a degree versus the percentage of men….the numbers are overwhelming. What was once a “man’s world” can arguably now be referred to as a “woman’s world”.

Women have turned the tables in the arena of College and academics. They outnumber men as students, graduates, and we’re already seeing this shift in professors as well; in countries like Australia, women outnumber men when it comes to holding faculty positions in college.

What does this mean? Am I inferring outright that men are simply more stupid than women now? Well, in some ways maybe I am. After all, when you look at the likelihood of a single man…

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