Everything you believe is a myth…REALLY???

Culture constructs perspective. How can we tell the truth through our philosophy driven perspectives?

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ At coffee yesterday the subject of a recent blog article I wrote about science, purpose, and meaning came up in the conversation,

Kenneth I read your article and you’re mischaracterizing scientists. Sure, dudes like Dawkins are extremists, but you’ve got to read scientists like Carl Sagen who were good people; Sagen was kind, and calm, and intelligent” said someone sitting at my table.

It’s the dawn of the 21st century, 132 years ago Charles Darwin died and over the course of the next century the various disciplines of science would converge giving birth to new theories never before considered by ancient generations;

—-) The universe is roughly 14 billion years old

—-) The universe came into being from nothing

—-) No god, gods, goddesses or intelligent designers created the universe

—-) You are not special

Okay, so I may have left out a…

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